SYBO, the developers behind the hit mobile app Subway Surfers that pops up all over the place on social media, has launched its Play2Plant event with the aim to help combat climate change. Sure, playing video games is a lot more interesting than earth-friendly activism, but where else are we meant to play them?

Kicking off the event with a first-time massive billboard in New York's Times Square, SYBO is relying on its 150 million active monthly players to get in-game and virtually run as far as they can. The developers are asking for runners to post content on Tik Tok using SYBO's custom sound to raise further awareness, but those uncomfortable with doing so will be providing more than enough help by simply playing.

By teaming up with Ecologi, SYBO will be planting trees based on the total distance run by its players. Since the Play2Plant initiative launched last year, SYBO has planted 400,000 trees worldwide with the help of its user base simply playing the game. The developers also act on the climate change crisis as part of their daily operations by offsetting their CO2, running their offices with solar powers and investing in numerous impact initiatives. Not something that shows up in their games, but it is encouraging to know a big mobile developer lives the principles it's pushing.

When discussing the initiative, SYBOs Chief Executive Officer, Mathias Gredal Norvig, said:"The dire impact of global warming deeply affects everyone, including our Subway Surfers gaming community and we are committed to using our platform to help,"

"Through Play2Plant, we are giving our players an opportunity to help our planet, move towards a more sustainable ecosystem and bring much-needed attention to those who may not be as aware of the crisis."

Subway Surfers is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play.

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