How to get heroes faster and for free in MARVEL Avengers Academy

Posted by Campbell Bird on February 13th, 2016
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MARVEL Avengers Academy lets you build your own superhero school and fill it with heroes from the Marvel universe.

It can be a little slow going to get your school's attendance up though, so we've gathered together somesome tips to help you do this more quickly.

Only do quests

At the outset of the game, there's a lot of things that a young Tony Stark or Black Widow can do, but that doesn't mean you should just assign them to directionless tasks.

Doing so isn't that bad, but it doesn't do any good either - nor does it yield any game rewards that contribute to building a better school with more heroes inside.

Instead, focus solely on the in-game quests. Let those be your guide. Not only will completing these quests earn you rewards, but they'll also advance the game story so you can get access to new heroes.

Consider your class roster

So, now that you're focusing solely on quests, you'll also want to be mindful of the amount of time it will take any given hero to complete a task, as no heroes in MARVEL Avengers Academy are very good at multitasking.

You don't want to start your play session tying up Loki for a long stretch of time if he could've been useful closing out a quest within a minute or two, because the only way to get yourself back on track from that is to spend some premium currency.

Work together on large quests

Hard work pays off in MARVEL Avengers Academy, as some of the longest quests involve recruiting new heroes.

Considering heroes are your main way of getting anything done in the game (and also super cool to collect), you'll want to focus as much time in a given play session on unlocking them.

It's also very important to stay focused on one large quest at a time, since the end of most long quests also require significant amounts of gold to complete.

So, while you might think that moving several long quests forward at once is a solid plan, you'll just end up forcing yourself to grind out gold until you can complete each one.

Now, go ahead and check out our guide to completing time-limited events!

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