How to use buildings effectively in MARVEL Avengers Academy

Posted by Jennifer Allen on March 14th, 2016
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Working on acquiring new heroes, yes? Tackled the new time-limited quests? Learned how to get items faster? Nice work! Now, how about we learn all about the buildings in MARVEL Avengers Academy? They’re pretty important, you know. Even if they don’t seem as cool as the heroes.

So, what’s the point of these buildings?

Buildings enable your heroes to perform various actions which, in turn, reward them with experience and money.

All buildings can only hold a certain number of heroes at any one time, with that number rising as you upgrade them. See why you want to upgrade them often now? Exactly.

How to upgrade them

Upgrading them is an expensive business - both in terms of money and time. You can accrue the money by completing quests, but you'll want to be cleverer with your time.

While the building is being upgraded, you can’t use it. Ideally, you want to commit these upgrades while you’re away from the game for a while, like when you're sleeping. Planning is everything.

What should I focus on?

Focus on upgrading your buildings before your heroes. Each time you upgrade a building, you unlock more actions that can be used by your heroes. That makes boosting their levels that bit easier.

Sometimes you’re going to have to choose from a number of heroes that want to use the same building. Pick the shortest activity first, then work your way up. It’s the most effective use of your time.

I’m running out of room!

Don’t sweat it. You can use Pym Particles (gained from completing quests) to open up new areas of the world. Also, if you’re careful with how you place things, you should have plenty of room.

Why not use some of that spare space to place some fun decorative items down too? It doesn’t all have to be about progress.

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