Luigi death stare Mario Kart

This one is definitely an example of getting the hype train (or kart, I guess) started early. Nintendo has revealed that it's developing a Mario Kart game for mobile. It's called Mario Kart Tour, and it was announced yesterday over on Nintendo's Twitter.

Now, we've already had our say about what Nintendo has to do if it wants to remain relevant in the mobile sphere, and you can check that out by clicking here. But here's the kicker, we've got a long wait ahead of us for Mario Kart Tour.

That's because the game isn't coming out until some time in “the fiscal year ending in March 2019”. I mean, that could mean it's going to land in March 2019. The smart money's on it getting a Christmas release in 2018 though, much like Super Mario Run.

And that's pretty much everything we know about the game. We've got no details on pricing, gameplay, who's going to be in it, or whether it's even going to be a traditional Mario Kart game. Of course, we'll keep you updated as soon as we hear anything.

In the meantime though, if you've got your own thoughts on the subject, feel free to chuck them in the comments down below. Excited? Scared? Apathetic? These are all emotions that you could express to get the conversation started.

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