Knights Chronicle guide - Everything you need to know about the July 26 update

Posted by Campbell Bird on July 25th, 2018
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It's only been about a month since Knights Chronicle released and we're about to see our third huge update. The 1.1 release brought us the top tier attacker Morrigan along with some much-requested moves to make the game friendlier for free players, and the update that dropped just a week later added things like Haspiel Assault and the Taiyo Advent dungeon.

This latest update isn't quite out at the time of this writing, but it promises quite a few more goodies for Knights Chronicle players. See below for what some of these things might be:

Even more heroes

If you're still not convinced the new heroes that have already come to Knights Chronicle are your style, perhaps Nix and Kristian will be more to your liking. The first hero, Nix, is a dark, attack type hero that excels at debuffing enemies and even slowing them down. She has a skill that gives her a 70% chance of making a hero's turn come slower, which is not a kind of skill we've really seen in the game before.

The other hero, Kristian, is a light, hybrid type hero that can be earned by completing his four-star, multiplayer or Advent dungeon. He promises to deliver consistent damage to even the most protected enemies thanks to his penetration abilities and has a hero talent that lets him deal bonus damage based on the amount of buffs he has stacked on him.

Hero Appraisal

Earlier this week, we posted a PvE tier list of sorts for Knights Chronicle and with this new update, the game promises to allow players to post similar impressions using the new hero appraisal system. This menu allows players to post their favorite ways to use heroes, recommended rune builds, and more.

Such functionality could lead to a lot of troll posts from players, but Knights Chronicle is building in a system where the most active posts stay in the game, while less useful ones get deleted. This has the potential to be huge, because if everyone knows how to tune their characters for specific dungeons, multiplayer should be a lot less frustrating for all players.

Improved stamina and usability

The last–and perhaps most important–set of changes coming to Knights Chronicle in this new update is a whole slew of stamina and UI tweaks that will generally let you play the game more easily. On the stamina front, the rune dungeon, XP dungeon, and Timespace Void stamina costs have been cut in half, and there are now Arena rewards that grant stamina for completing them.

Other updates to make Knights Chronicle a more user-friendly experience include updated menus to the Skill Enhancement menu so it's easier to see what your enhancements will do to your hero, a reduction in the amount of clutter on the battle screen, and a helper system that includes more of the people on your friends list. These are small things, but still go a long way to make Knights Chronicle an even better experience than it has been.

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