Two years after its original launch on PC, hand-drawn adventure game Inked: A Tale of Love has been announced to be coming to iOS devices on 20th January, 2021, and pre-orders are open now on the App Store.

You control a nameless hero, a ronin-type character who must make his way through a series of geometric puzzles as he searches for Aiko, his lost love. The twist is that the hero and the circumstances surrounding his story are actually a fabrication of a comic book artist named Adam, and you’re instead playing out the plot that this artist has outlined. As it goes on, parallels are drawn between the two men as the narrative intertwines in unexpected ways.

Check out this trailer below to see more about how Inked: A Tale of Love will play, as well as focusing on the game’s unique hand drawn art style. It should be noted that video is from the Steam version, but it’s likely the game will look the same on mobile.

The mobile version of Inked came as part of a Steam announcement that developer Somnium Games had teamed up with a new publisher, which has allowed it to bring the game to new platforms. Speaking in the announcement, Somnium said: “Recently we have signed a deal with a new publisher, which means a lot of exciting things for Inked. For the PC version, this essentially means we will rerelease the game, but as a hugely improved version of the Inked you now know. However our cooperation with a new publisher doesn't stop there, and it will allow us to bring Inked to more platforms as well, bringing it to a wider audience and allowing everyone new and exciting ways to experience the game.”

Inked: A Tale of Love can now be pre-ordered for $2.99 from the iOS App Store.

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