The foxl V2 Bluetooth from soundmatters is a little device that you may have never heard of. It's a Bluetooth speaker device with both fantastic high fidelity wireless music playback and great speakerphone options.

I first saw it at Macworld Expo earlier this year and was rather impressed. It had good sound quality even in the crowded and loud conference hall. We got a chance to take one for a drive, and it's even better than expected.

Why you'd want it: audio speakers. There are two main functions for the foxl. The first is as a wired or wireless speaker system. It puts out an amazing amount of sound for a tiny little device. It's only about the size of a three pack of golf balls. Using Bluetooth for convenience is a great, wireless way to listen to music. Though note that it does compress the music some and you will lose a bit of dynamic range in the music. The wireless freedom can't really be beat and the slight loss in fidelity is worth it for the convenience.

Once you've paired the foxl, to use it as a set of wireless speakers it's as simple as turning it on and selecting it in the audio output selector (AirPlay box) in any music app that supports it. You also have the option of doing a direct connection for wired audio playback.

Why you'd want it - wireless speakerphone. The other main feature of the foxl is as a Bluetooth speakerphone. This is where it really shines. The sound of the speaker and quality of the microphone are top notch. In the few times I've used it the sound is great and callers report that I sound loud and clear.

How it performs: Overall, the foxl Bluetooth performs quite well. Comparing it to the Jambox from Jawbone, it's a bit smaller and louder, particularly in the bass end of the audio spectrum. The price is also very similar - in the sub-$200 range. This won't replace a dock speaker system, but for travel and convenience, the foxl Bluetooth is fantastic.

foxl V2 Bluetooth Features

* Highest-fidelity resolution with pocket-sized portability
* Connect to any music source via standard audio cable
* Up to 8 hours battery life, output wattage increases when wall-powered
* Lithium-ion BassBattery™ re-chargable via USB or wall charger
* Output for optional powered subwoofer 25-30' Bluetooth range with improved sound quality
* Automatically connects for instant wireless streaming
* Built-in "Business-quality" wireless hands-free microphones for speakerphone/conferencing
* Including speaker one-touch reject/answer/end calls functions

You can pick up the foxl v2 on Amazon and other usual places for around $199 for the Bluetooth model or $169 for the model without Bluetooth.

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