Text messaging has become an important part of the day-to-day relationships for millions of people. For some, it's a primary form of communication and helps people keep in touch at times when calls can't be made. But text messaging isn't as personal as a face-to-face conversation or even a phone call. Feel Me, a soon-to-be-released messaging app, aims to add a little more "feeling" to phone messaging.

The app displays, in real time, where the person at the other end of the message is touching the screen. Users can see each others fingers tapping at the virtual keyboard or just feeling out for a touch reply. In addition to the visual cues displayed when someone is touching the screen, a vibration or sound can be played when the two people are touching the same area to mimic the feeling that they're actually touching each other.

While the app is currently functional, it hasn't been released yet. On the Feel Me official websites, potential users can sign up to be notified when the app is released. We look forward to taking a look at this one when it comes out.

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