Evil Hunter Tycoon has proved to be quite the hit since launching back in March, with its most recent milestone being 2 million downloads. To celebrate the achievement, developer Super Planet has released a new updated called Darkness' Front Yard.

Here, your hunters will advance through a portal in an effort to save humanity from its greatest threat, the Dark Lord. That said, you'll first need to obtain the scroll, so it's a whole thing. This challenging, likely fatal quest will ultimately decide the fate of your town and villagers. No pressure, then.

So how do you find the scroll? Well, you'll first have to catch the new hunting ground's field boss. This would be hard enough as is, but the only way to receive the scroll from the boss is to take him on at hard difficulty or above.

A new hunting ground has also been added, and you can expect to see some fresh enemies lurking about, including deadly royal guards.

On top of that, a rune system has arrived to add some further diversity and depth to the gameplay experience. There are currently 25 of them, each with their own level of quality. Also note that mounting two or more of the same rune for stacked bonuses doesn't work.

Evil Hunter Tycoon is now available for download as a free-to-play title from over on the App Store and Google Play.

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