Everything You Need to Know About Kindness and Captivity

Posted by Campbell Bird on October 29th, 2018
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Halloween isn’t even here yet and Dragalia Lost’s Trick or Treasure holiday event is already over. That doesn’t mean we have nothing to look forward to on the 31st though.

On the contrary, at the end of this month, a brand spankin’ new event is coming, and it’s called Kindness and Captivity. There’s a little bit of info on that this event will be, and a lot of speculation about how best to prepare. Once again, we’ve gathered all this info in one convenient place so you know what to expect when this event goes live.

Raids are back

Dragalia Lost’s Phraeganoth Clash was the game’s first raid event, where four teams of four characters faced off against a huge, powerful boss. The game’s Halloween event ditched this huge fight format in favor of smaller boss fights and more opportunities to upgrade your Facility Level.

Kindness and Captivity promises to bring the raid format back, meaning you’ll want to upgrade a set of four rock solid Adventurers to prepare. For roles, I’d personally recommend making a composition of two attack units, a healer, and a support or defense fighter in your last slot.

Train up your Fire Adventurers

In addition to deciding the right roles for your Adventurers, make sure you also focus on upgrading counter-element fighters. Since Kindness and Captivity is definitively a wind-type raid, that means you’ll want to train up your best fire Adventurers for the fight.

Ezelith and Mikoto are probably the two best fire-type Adventurers at the given moment, but there are other viable non-five-star units you can train up like Verica, or perhaps even the unlikely three-star Aoi (more on that below).

Anti-sleep may be a big factor

No one really knows what the raid will actually be like until it releases, but Nintendo put out a tweet mentioning that the raid boss’s name is “Hypnos,” which has quite a few people speculating that this wind-type monster will have the ability to put your fighters to sleep. Sleep is a terribly annoying status effect that renders your units helpless unless they have some kind of anti-sleep abilities.

This is where Aoi comes into play. She’s a pretty decent attack unit (particularly for a three-star), but she has the added bonus of sleep resistance. The only other fire Adventurer with anti-sleep is Aurien, but he’s a healing unit that isn’t particularly great at the role, so he seems like the less useful pick between the two.

Another free hero

If you don’t have a full team of great fire-type Adventurers, there’s some hope to fill out your roster. Just like Loyalty’s Requiem offered a free four-star Adventurer (Celliera) to help with Phraeganoth’s Clash, it appears that Kindness and Captivity will do the same.

This time, it’ll be a four-star, fire-type dagger user. If she’s anything like Celliera, she’ll also be well equipped specifically for the raid boss, so make sure you try to do what you can to pick her up.

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