Dragalia Lost Phraeganoth Guide

Posted by Campbell Bird on October 8th, 2018
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In a previous Dragalia Lost guide on Loyalty’s Requiem, I mentioned that the minimum Might threshold for beating Phraeganoth was around 6,000, and now I’m going to tell you exactly how clear this raid if you have such a team. If you’re not much for words, you can also just check out the video above and watch a 6k team of mine (barely) clear the raid.

There are some definite strategies you need to know to beat Phraeganoth, but—as you can see in the video—executing on them can be tricky and put you in a bad spot fast. Nevertheless, if you are just careful enough, you can beat Phraeganoth using the following strategies:

General strategy

The basic things you need to know about Phraeganoth are that you need to attack his tail first and take out volcanoes that he spawns in later in the fight. Between these two pieces of knowledge, you can get 90% of the way through the raid with few issues.

If you’re playing with a team that knows what they’re doing, they’ll be going after the tail and volcanoes just as you do. Even if they don’t do this though, you should still pursue these key points. You can also encourage your teammates to do the same by tapping the tail life bar during the fight.

Roll through the boss

Sometimes it can be difficult to get exactly where you want when fighting Phraeganoth. He moves around quite a bit during the fight and his attacks can force you out of position.

To get back to where you want very quickly, keep in mind that you can actually roll through Phraeganoth’s body. For whatever reason, if you roll instead of run toward Phraeganoth, you will actually be able to get onto the other side of him without having to run a giant circle around him.

Use skills when Phraeganoth attacks

Some of Phraeganoth’s attacks can be completely devastating, and your AI companions are almost never smart enough to get out of the way. Without a surefire way to guard your allies from attacks, your team will go down pretty quickly.

Luckily, there’s a technique you can use to block damage to yourself and your AI companions while fighting. If you use an adventurer’s skill while an enemy is attacking, all damage is nullified while you’re executing said ability. So, if you save your abilities for when Phraeganoth is about to attack, you can make sure your team avoids taking damage.

Bring a healer

Although you can nullify a lot of Phraeganoth’s damage by timing your abilities correctly, you won’t always have a skill at the ready when these attacks come and you’ll take some damage. To make sure you can stay in the fight, it’s a good idea to have a healer of some kind on your raid team.

Phraeganoth requires quite a bit of damage per second (DPS) to be taken down successfully, so having a non-damage-focused character on your roster may sound counterintuitive. Healers help keep your other damage dealers alive for longer though, so having one on your team can actually help your damage output rather than hurt it.

Work as a team

6,000 Might is not the ideal strength level for facing Phraeganoth. In fact, many teams will scoff at such a low score when you’re trying to queue up. This is because it takes quite a bit of effort to do well with such a team.

In order to pull this off, you need to use some teamwork. Look at what your teammates are bringing to the fight and bring units to cover their weaknesses. If you see a volcano that may hurt a friend, help take it out with them. Be flexible in your strategy based on your team’s needs. Only then will you be able to beat Phraeganoth successfully.

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