Dragalia Lost Trick or Treasure Jumpstart Guide

Posted by Campbell Bird on October 19th, 2018
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It’s finally here! Loyalty’s Requiem ended in Dragalia Lost, but it has swiftly been replaced with a new Halloween event. This event—called Trick or Treasure—had quite a bit of hype surrounding it before it came out, and for good reason too.

This isn’t just another raid-based event for another element type. It’s a facility event, meaning it’s focused around letting you earn rewards to help you upgrade your Castle Grounds. In light of the fact that Trick or Treasure is such a different beast, we’ve put together a quick and dirty guide on how to get a jumpstart on this Halloween event.

Alway be upgrading your Sweet Retreat

Almost as soon as you start Dragalia Lost’s Trick or Treasure event, you’ll earn something called a Sweet Retreat. This is actually a new structure that you can put on your Castle Grounds. Although it looks decorative, it actually serves a pretty big purpose for helping you get through the rest of Trick or Treasure.

As it turns out, your Sweet Retreat gives you special damage bonuses to every enemy in Trick or Treasure event quests, so leveling it up can help you lift your Adventurers up to the task of taking on really tough quests like Revenge of the Pumpking or Halloween Horrors. As an added bonus, the Sweet Retread contributes to your facility level and is pretty cheap to upgrade, so it can really help you get your Halidom fully upgraded as well.

Maximize your Snack-o'-Lanterns

As you play any Trick or Treasure quest, you earn some number of a collectible currency known as Snack-o’-Lanterns. Snack-o’-Lanterns are important because they are the key to letting you upgrade your Sweet Retreat, so make sure you’re doing everything you can to maximize the number of Snack-o’-Lanterns you earn per quest.

To earn more Snack-o’-Lanterns more quickly, be sure to equip any and all special Trick or Treasure Wyrmprints you come across. These Wyrmprints all have abilities for you to earn bonus amounts currency called Tricker Treats, which unlock lots of nice goodies associated with this event, including Snack-o’-Lanterns.

All Light Team

There’s no specific requirement for you to only use light Adventurers and dragons during Trick or Treasure quests, but you might want to consider building an all light team to earn additional rewards from Nightly Haunts. Nightly Haunts are special quests in this event that you can complete once a day, and they can grant you a ton of Tricker Treats if you play them with an all light team.

Here’s how it works. If you take on the Nightly Haunt, you earn 2-3% more Tricker Treats for using all light adventurers, and that same bonus is applied again if you use all light dragons. This might not sound like much, but if you also have Wyrmprints that give Tricker Treat drop bonuses equipped to all your Adventurers, you can expect to earn an extra 8-12% Tricker Treats each time you run this special dungeon.

Watch Out for Cursed Chests and other tricks (for treats)

In Trick or Treasure, it’s not enough to simply clear missions. In addition to earning Wyrmite for completing first clear objectives, this event grades you on your performance each and every time you play.

By doing things like avoiding all cursed chests, taking no damage, and beating missions within certain time limits, you can earn bonus Tricker Treats. This means you should be on your A-game every time you take on an event quest. Playing levels perfectly net you way more Tricker Treats than you would otherwise earn if you’re trying to test new heroes, use auto-battle, or just play while you’re distracted.

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