Everything You Need to Know About Dragalia Lost’s Next Event

Posted by Campbell Bird on October 15th, 2018
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As of this writing, you’re no longer able to take on Phraeganoth or any of the other content in Loyalty’s Requiem. Dragalia Lost will just go back to its original state at launch… or will it?

According to some savvy players, there’s another event coming to Dragalia Lost, and it’s coming very soon. Thanks to some data mining and other clever trickery, there’s a quite a bit of info on this next event coming out, and we’ve compiled the most important bits in one convenient place. See below for what you need to know:

It’s a Halloween event

The main reason we know Dragalia Lost’s next event is dropping soon is because it’s Halloween themed and we’re already halfway to trick-or-treat time. We also know it's coming soon because this morning, the game updated and listed the exact drop time for this new event: October 17.

Since it is a Halloween event, all of the special events will be filled with dark-type enemies, so you may want to train up whatever light-type Adventurers you have on-hand. Also, the special Adventurers you can get from this event’s Summon Portal are all Halloween versions of existing characters, and they’re all light-type.

Only one new five-star Adventurer

Although there will be some new, Halloween-y Adventurers to summon for this new Dragalia Lost event, only one of them will be of the ultra rare, five-star variety. The new units in question will be new, light-type versions of Elisanne, Althemia, and Edward, with Elisanne being the five-star, Althemia the four-star, and Edward the three-star.

Even though these Adventurers are just spins on Adventurers you already know, you may actually want to pull for these new characters. For starters, they’re all going to be useful for the Halloween event content. Also, both Althemia and Edward, despite not being five-star units, seem like they have relatively unique abilities like self-heals and strength buffs. While I’m at it, let me just say: There are tons of non-five-star units in Dragalia Lost that are totally viable units in all of the game’s content, so don’t get caught up in only chasing super rare units.

Expect lots of Wyrmite

According to an unofficial Dragalia Lost Twitter account, the rewards from this Halloween update are all about giving you Wyrmite. Out of 22 data mined Endeavors for the event, only four rewards are not Wyrmite.

This is great news, as you’ll likely be able to earn enough currency for a lot of summons, which can hopefully get you the right light-type units to use in this Halloween content and beyond. So, if you blow your saved Wyrmite on summons and don’t get that shiny, new Elisanne right away, rest assured that you can probably earn a couple more chances at getting her just by playing through the event content.

PSA About Light and Dark

This last point isn’t just relevant to Dragalia Lost’s upcoming Halloween event, but it’s worth sharing since the event does focus a lot on the interactions between light and dark units. Unlike any other elemental types in this game, light and dark types only help you do more damage to enemies of the opposite type, without any sort of disadvantage.

This means that using a light-type hero in a dark-type dungeon will help you deal more damage to all of the enemies in said dungeon, but their attacks will not do additional damage to you. Knowing this, don’t worry about taking all light units into these Halloween events. In fact, that's what you should be doing. So be a good teammate, get some great light units, and enjoy this Halloween event when it drops.

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