As we move closer to the mythical digital wallet, credit card companies are working overtime to come up with ways to allow users easy access to their accounts via their phone. Visa is now jumping into the fray with their Akimbo Card, letting cardholders transfer money to and from their accounts digitally, as well as instantly sending money to friends and loved ones via email, Facebook or text message. Suddenly spending money just got a whole lot simpler.

In addition to its other functions, Visa is touting Akimbo as a safe spending option when shopping online or traveling abroad. The idea is that instead of carrying your bank debit card or connecting various online vendors to your checking account, you instead load up your Akimbo card and use that for your shopping. That way, if the card's lost or stolen there's no way for someone to access your actual bank accounts, and your money stays safe. For some this seems like a hassle and an unhelpful extra step, but for those who are extra-sensitive about identity theft or fraud it may be a bit of a comfort.

Sadly we don't have a release date for the Akimbo app yet, but those interested in the service can head over to the Akimbo website and apply for a card right now.

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