Dragalia Lost guide - How to get a bunch of Wyrmite real quick

Posted by Campbell Bird on October 3rd, 2018
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Dragalia Lost has finally arrived and it’s very much a gacha game. You grind out dungeons over and over again, earning all sorts of currencies, one of which you use to try and summon new heroes and items with. This currency is known as Wyrmite, and it’s arguably the most important thing in the game.

If you’ve already started your journey in Dragalia Lost and are trying to ferret out every last way to earn Wyrmite, we’re here to help. Check out these tips for earning boatloads of Wyrmite as quickly as possible.

Log in every day for seven days before October 31

As a bonus for the game's launch Dragalia Lost is holding a launch celebration between now and October 31. The event features some limited time goodies for you to grab, one of which is a free 150 Wrymite for just logging in for your first seven days.

It takes 1500 Wyrmite to make a tenfold summon, so purely logging in for a week straight won't quite get you one free pull, but it gets you most of the way there for doing almost nothing. Just make sure that if you think you'll play Dragalia Lost at any point in the future, you hop on the game now to get these bonus rewards before they disappear.

Set a helper

Borrowing friends' characters is nothing new in gacha games, but in Dragalia Lost, setting up the ability for people to borrow your own heroes can net you a nice chunk of 300 free Wyrmite. This isn’t quite as easy as it sounds though, as there’s no way to set a helper from your party management screen.

It seems that no gacha game is complete without a confusing menu system, and Dragalia Lost is no different. In order to actually set a helper for your friends and other players to use, you need to head to the More menu, click Friends, and head to Helper Settings. Just from doing this, you can get a fifth of the way to a tenfold summon.

Watch all the adventurer stories

Dragalia Lost has a surprising amount of story, and—if you’re like me—all of it seems like filler nonsense. Ignoring all of the game’s story would be a mistake though, as Wyrmite rewards can be retrieved from putting up with parts of Dragalia Lost’s narrative, particularly the adventurer stories.

Adventurer stories are little cutscenes about particular characters that you earn as they level up, and simply going into the Castle menu and watching them nets you 10 Wyrmite a pop. As a pro-tip, you can also use the skip button to race past these cutscenes and jump straight to the part where you get your sweet sweet currency.

Play co-op

If you’re playing through Dragalia Lost and trying to stick to single player, you’re doing it all wrong. Dragalia Lost is meant to be a a multiplayer game, so make sure you’re getting in as much co-op time as possible. Even if you aren’t a fan of playing with others, the idea of earning Wyrmite simply for playing with new people should motivate you to change your ways.

For the first 50 new players you team up with in Dragalia Lost, you can earn 50 Wyrmite off of each of them. Since most missions can take up to four players total, this means you can potentially earn 150 Wyrmite for your first 16 or so co-op missions. This is far and away one of the best ways to earn a bunch of Wyrmite quickly, so make sure you’re always looking to play online with other people.

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