Dragalia Lost - Resplendent Refrain Sabnock Guide

Posted by Campbell Bird on December 3rd, 2018
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Dragalia Lost's latest event, Resplendent Refrain, is an event that favors light Adventurers in an all new raid dungeon. This dungeon has four teams of four face off against the mighty Sabnock, which is probably the toughest raid fight in the game yet.

Although Sabnock is tough, he isn't unbeatable. We've been testing different ways to clear this raid and have been able to clear it consistently by following a few, simple guidelines. See below about how you too can start clearing the Sabnock fight:

The best Adventurers for the fight

For the Sabnock raid, we recommend the following Adventurers:

    • Lucretia - A great light damage dealer for this fight who takes advantage of Dragalia Lost's new energy boost mechanic. She should be your top pick if you were lucky enough to summon her.
    • Elias - The free four-star Adventurer from Resplendent Refrain might be a lowly bow user, but has an ability that gives him bonus damage to the Sabnock. Highly recommended.
    • Any Light Adventurer with high Curse Resistance - Outside of the above Adventurers, folks like Ryozen, Amane, and Halloween Elisanne (among others) with high curse resistance are recommended since Sabnock inflicts curse, a nasty little status effect that can wipe out your team.

If you don't have enough of these Adventurers to fill out a whole team, don't worry. As long as you have light-based Adventurers, you'll probably be ok. If you try to include non-light Adventurers in your team–whether it's because you're trying to boost your Might number or just don't have enough light Adventurers–things will be really hard for you. Just use light Adventurers if you have them.

Dragon Prep is key

Just like with Kindness and Captivity and the Hypnos raid, Wyrmprints that give you dragon prep are best for your non-player controlled AI teammates. These Wyrmprints are Dragon Arcanum, Dragon's Nest, and King's Countenance. If you can pick between these three, King's Countenance is ideal because it gives the most Dragon Prep and includes curse resistance.

For your player-controlled AI, consider just maxing out your Adventurer's damage potential. Consider something like Plunder Pals or Valiant Crown if you are lucky enough to have them. Budget picks for damage boosting are Better Together or One With the Shadows.

Fighting Sabnock

Once you have your team fully outfitted, all that's left to do is go into the raid and kick Sabnock's butt. Here's a few tips on how to do exactly that:

    • Attack the hands - Sabnock's most devastating attacks come from his hands. These attacks are called “Dark Side” and they essentially cover half of the map. Destroying these hands doesn't cancel these attacks completely, but it does make them weaker. The faster your teams can destroy Sabnock's hands, the easier this fight will be.
    • Stay in the middle - Because Sabnock's Dark Side attacks cover half of the map, a good tip is to stay pretty centered on Sabnock as you fight him. If you do this, then it's pretty easy to run to one side or the other when he decides to do a Dark Side attack.
    • Overdrive: Beware of Wolves - Once you put Sabnock into Overdrive, he unleashes some new attacks, one of which is Phantasmal Wolves. This ability makes two concentric rings around the map that deal damage can cast curse if you touch them. It's best to prepare and avoid these rings by moving toward the center of the map once Sabnock hits Overdrive. This should let you avoid damage from this attack and continue to hit Sabnock, as he usually stays around the center of the map during the fight.
    • For clearing quickly - If you follow the above tips, you should be able to clear the Sabnock fight, but there are some more things you should consider if you want to beat him in under 90 seconds for a new epithet. To do this, you should have your entire team focused on damage dealing (no healers), with you controlling your best damage-dealer equipped with a dragon and Wyrmprint that boost their attack even higher. From here, make sure you're playing with teammates that are following the same strategy and have lots of Dragon Prep Wyrmprints attached too. Once you're in the fight, focus one hand, then go for the tail. You should also shapeshift as often as possible, though make sure you save a shapeshift for when Sabnock enters the Break state. If everyone on your team follows suit and you get a little lucky, you can probably earn this special epithet.

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