Dragalia Lost Guide - How to be a good teammate

Posted by Campbell Bird on October 9th, 2018
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Dragalia Lost is primarily is cooperative multiplayer game. There’s some stuff you can do on your own, but things like the Phraeganoth raid require that you play with others online.

When playing with other people, you want to make sure you look like you know what you’re doing. Not only does it help make the online experience run more smoothly, but you’ll pass missions more often and receive more rewards in return. So, with that, check out our expert tips for being a great teammate in Dragalia Lost.

Fill the gaps

We all know that it’s exciting to use whatever shiny new five-star adventurer you summoned in co-op teams, but doing so is not always necessary. Before starting missions, check to make sure you and the other players are making a balanced team, and adjust as necessary.

Is everyone using adventurers of the same type? Are you using an adventurer that has the right element for the mission? Are there any healers in the party? These are all questions you should ask yourself before jumping into a mission. If there’s a gap in your team’s makeup, jump in and fill it so you can make sure you’ll fare better on the mission.

Clear mobs in boss fights

When you get to a boss fight in any given mission, you don’t always need to focus on taking it down. On the contrary, it’s usually better to make sure you take out all of the other little minions before trying to beat the boss.

There are a couple reasons for this. The first is that it makes it easier for everyone to survive. If players don’t have to focus on dodging attacks from all angles, they can stay alive more easily. Killing mobs also allows you to charge up your skill and dragon meters fully before striking the boss, which only makes it easier for you to take down the boss quickly.

Pull out the stops on rare monsters

Every once in awhile, a mission in Dragalia Lost will tell players that a rare monster has appeared in a mission. These monsters are usually pretty hard to kill and only stay on the map for a limited time before running away.

If you ever happen to see a rare monster appear in a level, focus all of your efforts on taking it down as quickly as possible, even if it means transforming into a dragon. Rare monsters provide bonus rewards at the end of levels like Mana, which can be really hard to come by otherwise. This makes rare monsters almost always worth trying to fight.

Don’t just run straight for the boss

If you’re trying to clear multiplayer missions quickly in Dragalia Lost, don’t just run straight for the boss. Although it may get you to the end of the level more quickly, there are some downsides to sprinting to the boss stage straight away.

The main drawback of boss rushing is that it limits your rewards. Every mission in Dragalia Lost has some amount of treasure in it, and if you just run over to the boss, you may miss out on some free rewards. Secondly, rushing to the end of a level can be disorienting to your teammates, and they might not be as ready to fight a boss as you so early into a level. Generally speaking, I find it best to wait by the entrance to a boss stage and wait until another player activates it to make sure everyone is set to go before we take on a boss together.

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