Dragalia Lost Guide - What You Need to Know About Resplendent Refrain

Posted by Campbell Bird on November 27th, 2018
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It's been exactly two months since Dragalia Lost's release, and–although it isn't exactly what you'd expect from the likes of Nintendo–it has retained a strong following because of how often its events have come along. Since release, there have been four distinct events complete with unique challenges and rewards that really makes the game feel dynamic and worth sticking with.

This trend is showing no sign of stopping, as Dragalia Lost's fifth event is on the horizon. Resplendent Refrain is coming hot of the heels of the wind-based facility event, A Wish to the Winds, and promises another difficult raid for players to try and tackle cooperatively. Details are still a little scant on what Resplendent Refrain will contain specifically, but see below for some expert analysis of what to expect given what we know:

It's a light event, which could mean one of two things

Resplendent Refrain promises to be an event that favors light-based Adventurers, meaning you'll be fighting tons of enemies with dark-type affinities. This is somewhat bizarre, as Dragalia Lost has already had an event that favored light-based teams with their Halloween Trick or Treasure event, and they've also already released a events that favor all other types of Adventurers except for dark-type ones.

People are speculating that this is because the Halloween event was a special holiday event honoring light-based Adventurers, and that all non-holiday events will otherwise follow a predictable pattern. This could be true, meaning the next non-holiday specific event should favor dark units, but there's also another possible theory. It's possible that facility events and raid events have their own cycles of elemental affinities. Trick or Treasure was a facility event, and Resplendent Refrain is confirmed to be a raid. Perhaps these two kinds of events will move in their own predictable patterns, but in separate orders? Who knows, but it definitely seems feasible.

Free Adventurer is yet another bow user?

Just like all raid events, Resplendent Refrain will offer a free four-star Adventurer, but I wouldn't necessarily get your hopes up about them. In promo screenshots for the event, one clearly indicates that this free character is a bow user, which not ideal for reasons I've covered in previous Dragalia Lost guides.

This won't necessarily mean you shouldn't use this character for Resplendent Refrain. To the contrary, event Adventurers usually have special bonuses that make them uniquely suited to the raid fights they're a part of. That said, you may not want to invest to heavily in this character, as they may lack utility outside of this particular event.

Double stamina!

Perhaps the most exciting news about Resplendent Refrain so far is that there's a lot you can do between now and when it launches. This is thanks to a special event that just so happens to be live now where your stamina recovers twice as quickly as normal. This means you can grind out twice as many missions to get all of the stuff you need to get your light team up to snuff against this event's raid boss.

Recommendations for what you should spend your precious stamina on may vary depending on your current situation in the game, but it would generally be wise to spend at least some of your extra stamina running Lightsunder Ruins or taking on the Jupiter Dragon Trial. These missions provide the materials you need to unlock mana nodes for light-based Adventurers, so the more you have, the more powerful you can be when Resplendent Refrain begins.

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