Dragalia Lost Guide - What You Need To Know About A Wish to the Winds

Posted by Campbell Bird on November 12th, 2018
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Another raid has come and gone in Dragalia Lost, but that doesn’t mean there’s not still lots to do. In fact, the game’s next event, A Wish to the Winds, has already been announced and will be coming to the game this Wednesday.

Although details are scant on what—exactly—this event will entail, there’s been a lot of speculation about what it could be. See below for some of the most reliable scuttlebutt of what’s in store with A Wish to the Winds.

A wind version of Trick or Treasure

Just like Dragalia Lost’s Halloween event, Trick or Treasure, A Wish to the Winds has been referred to as a Facility Event. This means there likely won’t be any kind of raid. Instead there will be a new structure to put in your Halidom that you can grind out currency for to raise your Facility Level and make your wind-type Adventurers stronger.

My guess is that there’ll be another wave-based mission like the Revenge of the Pumpking event where you need to clear enemies quickly to maximize your rewards. Depending on how strong your roster of existing wind-type units is already, you might have to power up your new, shiny structure quite a bit before being able to clear high levels of this special mission.

Best Adventurers for the job

If the above speculation is correct, you’ll want to focus your efforts not just on any wind Adventurers. Wave-based missions are tough to clear given their time constraints, so you’ll want to focus your efforts on wind Adventurers with high damage output.

This means teaming up with folks like Musashi and Maribelle will likely be more important to have on your team than Ranzal or even Hawk. If you have had poor luck with gacha pulls, solid budget picks could be Melody or maybe even Nicolas.

New Adventurers, but don’t expect a game-changer

Just like every other event in Dragalia Lost, A Wish to the Winds should have new Adventurers, dragons, and Wyrmprints to pull out of its virtual slot machine. Before you get too tempted to burn all your stockpiled Wyrmite on this event though, there’s good reason to consider taking a pass on pulls for this event.

According to this tweet from the official Dragalia Lost Twitter account, it seems like one of the new Adventurers will be a bow user. For those who don’t already know, bow users are among the most flawed units in Dragalia Lost at the moment because of issues around their attack patterns and delayed force strike mechanics. If you already have a serviceable wind team and the five-star unit from A Wish to the Winds is indeed a bow user, you are probably better off saving your currency for the next event.

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