Mobile gamers can’t get enough of Battle Royale contests these days, so the launch of Creative Destruction’s open beta test has come at the perfect time.

Titan Studio’s new addition to the genre is as much about building bases as it is blowing them up. The game takes place against a fully-destructible environment where virtually anything can be reduced to rubble and recycled as a customisable stronghold.

Creative Destruction sees players parachute into a huge map where a 100-player Battle Royale skirmish is raging. A weapon dubbed Destructor will help you harvest raw materials to create your fort, and a base-building workshop lets you put a personal stamp on it.

Players will also wield a range of powerful weapons, including flamethrowers and rocket launchers, and head into battle with a pet elf named Hammer by their side.

Creative Destruction gives players control over how they play. You can switch between the first and third-person perspectives during battles, and team up with others if the whole lone wolf thing isn’t your style.

The game has been built from the ground up for mobile and designed with accessibility in mind, as reflected in its light-hearted cartoon-style visuals.

iOS and Android users can dive into Creative Destruction’s open beta right now via the App Store and Google Play.

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