Chroma Quaternion is the latest RPG from developer Kemco who is well-known in the mobile realm for frequently releasing solid JRPGs that bring interesting twists to the established formula. It's available now for iOS and Android.

Chroma Quaternion will see players adventure through four different kingdoms, with each representing a different season. They are called Spree, Sama, Otam and Wint where the monsters that reside there are themed around the respective time of the year.

As you'd expect in a JRPG these once peaceful kingdoms are now in trouble and it'll be up to you to try and save them. To do so you'll assemble a team of various characters, each of whom can be equipped with up to three roles. These will have different skills and special effects to make use of alongside different costume changes to select from.

The game will also feature a system called Act Over. This will see a series of Act Orbs charged during battle. These can then be consumed to performed additional actions during your turn or saved up to inflict more damage at once.

Beyond that, it looks to be the usual fare we've come to expect from Kemco over the years. The maximum level is 999 so there's plenty of grinding to be done though there are auto-battle and levelling options available if you'd prefer.

Chroma Quaternion is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a premium title that costs $6.99 on iOS and $7.99 on Android with additional in-app purchases also available. There will also be a freemium addition with ads available on Google Play in some countries.

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