Nimblebit is always good for some light, well-designed fun, and the mobile development studio is likely holding to that with their upcoming game, Bit City. Various Nimblebit developers have been sharing screenshots of the game over the past few months, but this is the first official teaser for the game.

It looks to be a cute cubic city building sim. Judging by some of the screenshots posted by developers, players will work their way towards building increasingly more profitable structures that will earn you more gold for your burgeoning urban development projects. It looks as though you'll have free reign over how your city looks, and even what sort of terrain you'd like to build it on.

Apart from that speculation, some screenshots, and the teaser above, that's about all we know about Bit City. Luckily we'll be finding out more in the near future, as Nimblebit assures us the game will be available in March.

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