After a period of open beta testing, RebirthM has just received its official release in Brazil, and Caret Games is now building up to a global launch. This fantasy action MMORPG is styled after classic PC entries in the genre, as well as other contemporaries for the mobile from fellow South Korean developers. You can look forward to creating and customising a hero, questing across the fantastical land of Arcroth and encountering friend and foe along the way. But those outside Brazil will have to wait a little longer to join the fun. In the mean time, here is a bite-sized guide to RebirthM, so – when the time comes – you can dive right into the action.

Choose your class

As with all the best multiplayer RPGs, RebirthM has a character class system so you can create a hero tailored to your play style. There are four classes available: Ranger, Slayer, Wizard and Berserker. As you'd expect, each class has strengths and weaknesses. If you prefer to be a rough, tough melee specialist, the Slayer or Berserker class will suit. For long-range attacking and spell casting, Rangers and Wizards are best. In guilds, a perfect balance of classes is likely the best way to succeed in battle, since each class's weaknesses are compensated for by another's strengths. So don't be shy, make friends with your fellow heroes.

Adventure on a grand scale

RebirthM takes place in a large open world, beautifully rendered in full 3D with dynamic camera angles and detailed textures. Since its open beta version, it's undergone a graphical upgrade, making the land of Arcroth even more attractive to explore. It's a land populated by chatty NPCs, free-range monsters and rival players. Fans of franchises like Lineage are sure to find plenty to grab their attention, and battles are visually explosive affairs, with pyrotechnics dialled up to 11. Bear in mind, you'll probably need a decent amount of RAM to run this lag-free. You can tinker with the settings for in-game resolution and frame rate to suit your device's limitations, though, so older phones aren't excluded from the fun.

Quick levelling without a cap

In RebirthM, you can climb to level 100 quickly, simply by completing quests. Once you hit your century, you can power through an upgrade quest to jump up a rank. Then the pursuit of level 100 starts over, this time with a stronger character to play with. Having your progress broken up in so many little increments is far more satisfying than waiting for a long experience bar to fill up at a snail's pace just to climb one level. There's no level cap, either, and the further you progress, the more challenges become available to you, including tougher enemies and Elite Dungeon Challenges.

To auto or not to auto

...It's up to you. A fairly common feature of modern mobile MMO games is auto-questing, and you'll find this option available in RebirthM. Auto-questing takes the pressure off players who want a more laid-back, hands-off approach, who don't necessarily have the time or patience for farming, fighting or questing. For those that prefer more traditional, hands-on gameplay, it's easy enough to take the reins and play manually, or switch between the two as and when you want to.

Player versus player

For some players, PvP is a bigger draw than PvE in an MMO game, even if the main story revolves around the latter. With RebirthM, you can get stuck into your rivals either in guild competitions, or the PK survival mode. The survival mode is a battle royale tournament, where the last man or woman standing is the overall victor.

Furry and feathered friends

A staple of the modern mobile MMO game, pets and mounts aren't just one more thing to collect and level up in RebirthM. Pets are an additional string to your bow during battle, as well companionship for when you're not rolling with your guild. Mounts are an immeasurably cooler, speedier mode of transport than those bog-standard legs of yours, and come in a variety of forms, from dragons to hulking great wolves. Wings make you look like an angel who misread the satnav en route to heaven, but they also grant a boost to stats. Finally, change-form spells do what they say on the tin, allowing you to turn from human into beast in a flash – for a limited time only.

All that and about a million events and quests are just around the corner to tempt you into the fray. Keep an eye out for the global release of RebirthM, free to play on iOS and Android. For news and updates, follow the official RebirthM Facebook page.

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