[img id="appnation-300x225.jpg"]Registration is now open for the inaugural APPNATION to be held in San Francisco September 12-13 at the Moscone Convention Center.

APPNATION is a conference and expo focused on the burgeoning consumer applications economy. The goal is to focus the discussion at the conference on making application development profitable for everyone involved. And while the conference isn't focused on just the iOS platform, I would expect it to be the majority of the conversation as it is the majority of the market.

APPNATION is thrilled to welcome Ilja Laurs, Founder and CEO of GetJar; Smule Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Dr. Ge Wang and Igor Pusenjak, Founder of Lima Sky and creator of Doodle Jump, as keynote presenters. Mr. Laurs will also be one of the APPNATION award winners to be honored during the conference. APPNATION is equally pleased to welcome a stellar roster of speakers and presenters from across the consumer applications ecosystem.

Head on over to 148Apps.biz for the current list of speakers and more info on the conference.

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