We've reached the fifth month of the year in our round-up of all of the top games for iPhone and iPad that came out in 2018. If you've missed the other entries in this massive list, don't you worry, because we're going to give you links to them all in the next paragraph.

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Now that's out of the way, we can get on with telling you about the best games that came out in May 2018. There are some really great games in the list, but if you think we've missed anything do let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article. Or if you just wanted to say hi, that'd be nice too. And make sure you come back next week when our round-up is going to reach June. Who even remembers what happened then!?!

Tiny Bubbles

- download for iOS

It's a pretty big surprise to us that one of the games on this list is a match-stuff puzzler, but when the match-stuff puzzler in question is as good as Tiny Bubbles it's basically impossible not to include it. Every level here has a new idea, a new mechanic, or something fresh for you to think about. If this one's snuck under your radar please rectify that fact immediately.

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Pocket-Run Pool

- download for iOS

Zach Gage is known for his novel takes on different games. He made chess weird and made Solitaire flip-floppy. This one sees him re-thinking digital pool games. While the basics are here, the scoring is completely different from the physical game - every shot requires a good deal of thought, and when you get things right you're going to let out a cheer.

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- download for iOS

Other .io games keep things simple, but Axe.io tries its hand at making the genre a little more interesting. Chunky 3D graphics, plenty of axes to hurl, and matches that are always waiting for you. Throw in some silly modes and controller support and you've got one of the best multiplayer games for iOS.

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Homo Machina

- download for iOS

A puzzler that's set in a human body. You need to control different organs and limbs by solving a bunch of different challenges. It's not as gross as it sounds, going for a 50s workplace vibe rather than anything dripping with goo. Oh, and it's also a charming story about love, which is pretty cool too.

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Super Hydorah

- download for iOS

Love retro shooters like R-Type? Well this is a slightly more modern take on some of the same ideas. Fly around, blast everything that moves, and try and make it to the end of levels in one piece. It's simple to pick up, challenging to master, and it's going to scratch your retro-itches in the best possible ways.

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