It's Monday, and our round-up of the best games of 2018 has landed on March. There were some pretty amazing developments in the third month of the year, mainly thanks to the launch of PUBG and the start of the Fortnite beta (technically Fortnite didn't release around the world until April, which is why we've not included it in this chunk of our recap.

Even without that new lynchpin of the mobile gaming community though, March was pretty exceptional. It was tough cutting the list down to just five, but we think we might have managed. If you disagree though, do make sure that you let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.

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What would happen if you took Angry Birds, mixed it with Norse mythology and a large batch of psychopharmacological drugs, and then stuffed the whole thing into a stick. Then, post stick-stuffing, you ran around until you were sick and dizzy. That's basically Lichtspeer, and it's every bit as crazed as you might expect.


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It's strange to think that PUBG hasn't been out for longer than a few months, but here we are. This is a brilliant port of one of the most influential shooters of the past few years, it works great on touchscreen, and the violence that it delivers is some of the best we've seen on mobile in a long while.

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Part-time UFO

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At the other end of the mobile gaming spectrum, we have this little slice of joy. There's no violence, just a lot of charming ideas that roll beautifully into the experience. It's a game all about picking things up and putting them down, and it somehow still manages to be utterly brilliant.

Shadowgun Legends

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It might have gotten a little lost in all the furore about the battle royale genre hitting mobile, but Shadowgun Legends is a brilliant multiplayer blaster in its own right. It's more like a small-form MMO, full of bluster and blasting, and every time you play you're going to watch your XP and your skill stats moving in the right direction.

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A superbly put-together puzzler that plays by its own rules. It's all about making shapes with blocks and light. There are some wonderful concepts here that blend together to create something really rather special. If you wanted a game from March that's going to test your grey matter, then this is the one to get.

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