Oh hi there, and welcome to the fourth part of our series about the very best iPhone and iPad games that came out in 2018. We've made it to April, which is when Fortnite came out. So, yeah, Fortnite is at top of this part of the list. Not really a surprise, but we thought we'd get it out of the way before you clicked anything anyway.

Just because Fortnite is the marquee name here, that doesn't mean you should ignore the other games. We've got vandalism, MOBA shooters, and one of the most gruesome licensed games we've seen in a long, long time. Basically April, like most months in mobile gaming, gave us some real gems.

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You probably haven't heard of this one. It's a little indie game about shooting people. That was a joke, of course you've heard about Fortnite. It's the biggest game in the world right now. Dance moves from the game have made it into sporting celebrations. And this is a case of the hype being worth it - because Fortnite is absolutely brilliant.

Major Mayhem 2

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Another shooter, but this one's all about you. Well, more specifically it's about Major Mayhem. This one involves darting between cover and blasting the pesky soldiers who are trying to shoot your face off. There's a big mix of ideas here, from Time Crisis to Ghosts and Goblins, and it won't cost you anything to give the game a go.

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

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Essentially this is a reworking of Slayaway Camp, all wrapped up in the trappings of a new entry in the titular horror franchise. It doesn't rest on its laurels though - it adds a whole bunch of new ideas into the mix to make sure it's not treading over super-familiar ground too often. Oh, and it manages to be both horribly gruesome and incredibly funny. Awesome.


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This one mixes together ideas from Squeenix's Go games, adds in a bit of the anti-establishment tagging of Jet Set Radio, and then throws in a bit of MS Paint for good measure. It's a smart puzzler with an artistic bent that plays by its own rules, and that's fine by us.

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Paladins Strike

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Where other mobile MOBAs take a more traditional route, Paladins Strike puts the action front and centre. You're in direct control of your little hero, running around with a big ol' gun to try and capture points and destroy your foes. It's fun, it's fast, and if you let it, it'll get its claws right into you.

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