The king, Angry Birds has been, at least temporarily dethroned by a pair of Tiny Wings.

We reported last night that Tiny Birds had quickly risen to number 2. But today they break into the top spot in the overall paid charts in the US. Pretty amazing for a indie developer out of no where. It’s pretty amazing to see a story like this after the App Store has been open now for two and a half years. Early on seeing an indie developer break the top ten was wonderful, these days it’s downright amazing.

If nothing else, I hope this serves as inspiration to other indie developers. You can still make a splash in the App Store, you just have to make a really unique, compelling, and interesting game. Congratulations to Tiny Wings and Andreas Illiger!

If you haven’t picked up this game yet, do so now. If you don’t love this game, you won’t love any game.

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Released: 2011-02-18 :: Category: Games

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