Pricing of applications and games in particular, have been in a free fall for while now. When a new game by anyone other than the top tier of multi-platform game development companies is released, you can almost guarantee that the price will drop within a few days. Sykhronics is trying things a little differently.

Their approach has been to take their well reviewed Smiles game (we gave it 4.5 stars) and rather than dropping the price, split the game up into multiple applications priced. Those smaller applications are priced at less than the original, but the user gets a discount by buying the main app over buying both of the smaller games.

[itmsapp: 294911522]

The original Smiles, still available in the app store for $4.99 is really 2 games in one. Or a similar game that can be played in 2 different ways. So Sykhronics decided to split that game up and offer two additional titles, Smiles Drop and Smiles Zen, as well as the original. The smaller games are priced at $2.99 each.

[itmsapp: 298565024]
[itmsapp: 297637863]

How will this work in the faced pace race to $0.99? Can anything slow the rapid pace of that movement? Only time will tell. This is definitely a unique method to take and we'll keep an eye on how well it works.

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