We’ve seen greetings card services from apps such as Oh Greetings and ThankYouPen, but clearly Apple decided to get in on the act with their latest iOS5 included app: Cards.

Cards lets users create and mail some pretty special looking cards personalized with their own text and photos, all from their iOS device. As is synonymous with the Apple way of doing things, it takes a mere couple of taps and swipes to take a snapshot and send a card to anywhere in the world.

21 designs are available encompassing everything from birthdays to simply ‘wish you were here’ messages. All cards are then saved automatically so they can always be sent to more than one person. There’s even the option of adding GPS data to the card so that the recipient can see the current location of the sender.

Payment is conducted via Apple IDs with cards and postage costing $2.99 within the U.S and $4.99 for anywhere else in the world, excluding relevant sales tax. U.S. sent cards even get a delivery notification and an Apple-designed postage mark.

It’s out now for iOS5 users.

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Released: 2011-10-12 :: Category: Lifestyle

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