I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that something like Oh Greetings is going to be the next big thing. It’s been mooted before by the likes of ThankYouPen and now Oh Greetings has come along offering even more choice to the world of e-greetings via iPhone.

The app is a free app to download with cards costing $3.95 each and the promise of worldwide delivery making it an excellent price indeed. Via the app, users choose their favorite card, enter what they’d like to be written inside it and where to send it. The app currently supports Paypal payments with credit card functionality to be added in a later update for ultimate convenience.

The cards themselves are a varied bunch with something for every occasion from birthdays to father’s day or anniversaries. Even belated birthdays are catered for here. Different types are also available with Landscapes, Wildlife and Cartoon/Light Hearted images all for the taking.

Oh Greetings is out now. Give it a shot the next time a celebration is coming up.

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Released: 2011-08-22 :: Category: Lifestyle

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