It’s hard to accurately describe NoteSuite in a short phrase without bringing out buzz words like “information manager” and “digital organizer.” It can be compared to apps like Evernote, but NoteSuite does so much more, and it leaves you in control of your data and is without the need for a subscription like Evernote. So here we go, I’m going to try.

NoteSuite from is digital filing cabinet for all of those bits of digital bits information that we all get and don’t know how to organize. Nope, that stinks. Accurate, but it stinks. NoteSuite is so much more. It’s a task manager, a PDF annotation app, an audio meeting recorder, an outline editor, it recognizes the text in your documents and helps to automatically organize them, capture, annotate, and store web pages. Way too long, how about digital Swiss Army knife? Boom, there we go, the perfect description for NoteSuite.

If you are looking at something to keep your digital bits organized, take a look at NoteSuite. It will do everything you wanted Evernote to do, but without the subscription fees. And it’s on sale now for the amazing price of just $1.99. So why not grab it? For a quick look at the app, take a look at the video below:

I have been a big fan of NoteSuite since the first version. This one cleans up just about every issue I had with the original. And a big plus, also now available is a Mac OSX version that offers iCloud syncing of your data.

The one outstanding issue for me is the lack of an iPhone version, but we’ve been assured that it is being worked on yet no release date is known yet.