When I reviewed Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting earlier this year, I enjoyed it but it was a bit shortlived. With only 12 monsters to defeat, the experience ended way too quickly for my liking. A shame given the enjoyment gained from the title. Fortunately, someone must have been listening as four new monsters and a new weapon, Gunlance, have been added to the title, bolstering the enemy battles up to a not too shabby 16.

The new monsters: Diablos, Azure Rathalos, Kirin and Lunastra, are set to offer a sound challenge to fans of the game, and I’ll be sure to not spoil the experience with any extra details.

Besides the extra monsters and the new weapon, Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting has also benefited from a new Replay Function. For those players who manage to clear the quest without needing to continue, they can now record their entire playthrough from a variety of different camera angles. Twitter functionality has also been added so that fans can tweet the results of their battles and exchange questions and information on the game.

Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting is available now, priced at $4.99. Existing owners get the update for free.

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