The once #1 paid application in the App Store just came out with it’s 1.2 update today and I have to applaud it in every way, this is what an update should be.

Firemint has added two more airfields to play on with a total of five new aircrafts with that go along with these levels. Both levels add a new spin on the game. The “beachside resort” contains the red plane, the larger red plane, and the helicopters from the previous level but with the addition of a yellow seaplane that lands in a water-runway. This level has two helicopter pads and throws a lot more helicopters at you, changes the game quite a bit.img_00012

The “aircraft carrier” level contains all new planes: two different red planes (one of which is obviously a jet), a green helicopter (I looked it up I think it’s called a double coaxial helicopter, what a mouthful…), and a different yellow plane. This level is CRAZY! The planes come at you so much faster and the landing area is so much smaller than the other two levels, it’s definitely for more experienced Flight Control players.img_00022

And did I mention that they added a fast-forward feature? This is much like the x2 speed option that I mentioned in my recent review of The Creeps!. If you just can’t stand early in the game when the planes are only pumping out at an extremely slow speed, just tap the fast forward in the bottom-left corner and it will speed up the game a bit for you. Or, if you’re just crazy at the game, keep it on fast-forward the whole time!

Other new features include an in-game scoreboard, link to your online profile, and a Twitter-like way to “follow” other Flight Control user’s scores. If you haven’t already bought Flight Control (why wouldn’t you it’s only $0.99 and it’s a awesome time-killer app) pick it up now, the update is awesome!

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