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We're a big happy bundle of familial linkages here at Steel Media, and we like to make sure we share the very best bits and bobs from around our hug-and-website-based networks every week. Because there's plenty of good stuff, and we don't want you to miss a single word or frame of it.

And since this is a weekly occurrence, make sure you pop back in in seven days time to check out another raft of awesome content. After all, this is a content-driven economy, and the more content you consume, the more likely it is that I'll be able to buy a new pair of trousers sometime soon.

Pocket Gamer

Jon Jordan started a right old ruckus over on PG by asking what the point of games journalists is. Obviously it's to type out cool things and get swag. I thought everyone knew that? Then Susan Arendt came along and calmed things down with a brilliant column about perfectionism in mobile gaming.

The site celebrated the first year of the Nintendo Switch's life with a lovely retrospective that you can read right here as well. And if that wasn't enough some loser called Harry rammed his tongue into his cheek and wrote about the best IAPs in mobile gaming.

Android Rundown

If you like Android stuff then Android Rundown is the place to be. It's been a pretty review heavy week over there, with the inimitable Tre Lawrence checking out Tekken and Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past.


News, news, news, that's what it's all about on AppSpy. And some other bits too. News-wise Christian Valentin got excited about Death Coming, which is coming to the App Store next week.

And his hidden gem of the week was the breakfast-tastic Toast Time. Why is it so good? You're going to have to poke this link right here to find out.

AppSpy Video

It wasn't just videos over at the video arm of Steel Media this week. I mean sure, there was this brilliant review of ChronoBlade...

And this equally brilliant review of Temple of Spikes...

But there was also a Twitch stream about upcoming digital board game adaptation Scythe. And if you missed that, you can check it out right here.

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