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Aliens vs. Humans was created as an homage to the X-Com franchise. That means 90’s-style turn-based strategy action. However, this iOS game only had the combat element of the formula, which many players and our own Rob Rich enjoyed, but many people felt like something was missing. Well, developer Leisurerules has heard these complaints. They are now hard at work on version 2.0 of Aliens vs. Humans, which will add those other strategic elements to the game that people have loudly claimed was missing.

This means that players will be able to build and maintain bases all across the globe. The objective is ultimately to explore Earth to find the hidden alien teleporters, along the way researching teleportation. This will start off with being able to detect different degrees of teleporter activity, which will eventually lead to players being able to build their own teleporter to take the fight directly to the aliens, using recovered alien technology. Teleportation can also be researched as an ability to use in battle, to rapidly move units across the map. The game is still in development, with plans to come out before the early summer, to hopefully quell the anger of those who are so mad about not being able to build bases that they will give a game a lower score in an App Store review. Until that day, this trailer showing off a demo of base building is available.

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