What's New

+ Soldiers can now be color-coded on the Soldiers screen so you can distinguish them while on the battle field. The colors do not effect their ability to be seen by aliens.
+ You can now disable the "Line of Fire" check. This allows you to shoot even if something is between the soldier and the target. Including other soldiers (so be careful). This is found off the Geoscape screen by touching Options, then Settings. Flick down near the bottom.
+ For those that want to speed up game play, you now have the option to buy in game currency. Note that the game balance has NOT changed - this is only for those that want to advance quicker than the game allows by default.
+ Lost your favorite soldier? Now you have the option to resurrect them after the mission ends.
+ iPhone 5 support - no more letter boxing.

App Description

**"In Onslaught players can expect the kind of portable X-COM experience they’ve always wanted." --148apps.com
**"AvH: Onslaught is like a tribute band for X-Com – it hits all of the same notes as the original: recruitable (and re-nameable) troops who learn as they gain experience, cagey aliens who see in the dark better than you do, bases that you build and staff, research that you direct, randomized combat maps – the whole lot." -- pockettactics.com

**AvH is on sale for the 2016-2017 holiday season. Get it while it's on sale. **

AvH 2.0.8 is TWO games in one … choose to play only tactical missions (training missions - the original AvH) OR take on the responsibility that comes with world management by playing 'The Onslaught'.

Aliens versus Humans: THE ONSLAUGHT

You have been hired by the United Countries of Earth (UCE) to defend our planet. Your job is to build bases around the globe in order to detect alien “Teleportation Events”. Once detected, you must send team(s) of soldiers out to remove the Alien threat and recover any Alien technology.
Beware, the Aliens have superior firepower and you will need to research and manufacture better gear in order to have a chance of winning the war against them. The UCE has provided a fully functional base that will get you up and running.

The rest is up to you...

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Features List:
* Bases - build up to 8 bases around the Earth.
* Geoscape – A world view of your bases, crafts and active teleportation events.
* Base Management: build facilities, view base info, equip soldiers, research, manufacture, purchase, sell and transfer items between bases.
* New and updated battle terrains including: Farm, Urban, Industrial, Arctic, Jungle and Desert.
* A Pedia to help you keep track of all your gear, crafts, alien corpses and artifacts.
* Four levels of difficulty: n00b, Challenging, Hard and Cruel.
* Interactive mission tutorials and a quick tutorial.
* Randomly generated battle maps, day and night missions, destructible terrain, on-the-fly Line of Sight and 4 zoom levels.
* Soldiers' stats improve based on their experience during missions.

--A Note on IAPs:

IAPs are new in this version. The game balance has NOT changed so purchasing in game currency is NOT required to complete the game - this is only for those that want to advance quicker than the game allows by default.

This is a challenging game. If you're struggling with funding, change your strategy or ask for help on our Facebook page. Many people have won the game on Cruel difficulty without IAPs, it can be done. Keep trying.

Aliens versus Humans: TRAINING MISSIONS

The original AvH content has moved under 'Training Missions'. If you're looking for the thrill of combat without the extra responsibility of world management then 'Training Missions' is for you.

Features List:
* Design and play your own missions. Choose terrain, soldiers, weapons, armor. Set alien intelligence from easy to truly evil.
* Play 25 missions that proceed along a storyline, including night time missions.
* 11 weapons and 3 armor types that unlock based on game progression.
* 3 star rating system for missions.
* Your soldiers' stats improve based on their experience during missions.
* Randomly generated maps = ultimate replayability.
* Destructible terrain.
* On-the-fly Line of Sight.
* Ability to customize your squad for each mission.
* 4 zoom levels that allow you to see more of the battle map or get up close and personal.
* 20 achievements that will challenge you beyond the game.

A Note from the developers:

We hope you enjoy the latest release of Aliens versus Humans. Please help support us by rating/reviewing the app, liking us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aliens-versus-Humans/323015897724713), following us on twitter @aliensvshumans as well as providing feedback through our support link.

Al(ien) and Hu(man)

iPhone Screenshots

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iPad Screenshots

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App Changes

  • December 22, 2011 New version 1.0.2
  • January 27, 2012 New version 1.1.0
  • March 10, 2012 New version 1.1.2
  • October 04, 2012 New version 2.0
  • October 04, 2012 Price increase: $1.99 -> $2.99
  • October 26, 2012 New version 2.0.2
  • November 23, 2012 Price decrease: $2.99 -> $1.99
  • November 24, 2012 Price increase: $1.99 -> $2.99
  • December 01, 2012 New version 2.0.4
  • February 09, 2013 New version 2.0.5
  • June 15, 2013 New version 2.0.8
  • November 07, 2013 Price decrease: $2.99 -> $1.99
  • November 14, 2013 Price increase: $1.99 -> $2.99
  • November 24, 2013 Price decrease: $2.99 -> $1.99
  • November 25, 2013 Price increase: $1.99 -> $2.99
  • January 17, 2014 Price decrease: $2.99 -> $1.99
  • January 18, 2014 Price increase: $1.99 -> $2.99
  • March 15, 2014 Price decrease: $2.99 -> $1.99
  • March 17, 2014 Price increase: $1.99 -> $2.99
  • May 17, 2014 Price decrease: $2.99 -> $1.99
  • May 21, 2014 Price increase: $1.99 -> $2.99
  • October 24, 2014 Price decrease: $2.99 -> $1.99
  • November 03, 2014 Price increase: $1.99 -> $2.99
  • November 23, 2015 Price decrease: $2.99 -> $1.99
  • November 28, 2015 Price increase: $1.99 -> $2.99
  • December 15, 2016 Price decrease: $2.99 -> $0.99
  • December 23, 2016 Price increase: $0.99 -> $1.99

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