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It's important to me for you to be a pro iPhone user, not just another person with an iPhone. In order to do this, you need apps... lots of apps. You should also get some apps that aren't free. There's nothing worse than picking up someones iPhone and finding 50 lite versions of apps. Now before I just show you a bunch of apps to buy (which I definitely intend to do), I'd like to show you how to make rational decisions on your own. My needs are much different than yours, so this will make you much better in the long run.

50. Go To - Shameless plug? I think not. We have news and reviews about all the best apps, making us a perfect one stop shop for all your app needs.

51. Check Out Price Drops - On the site, in the top navigation bar there is a tab called 'Price Drops'. It is a compilation of every (I mean every) app that goes down in price. If you're looking for a good value, don't miss this page.

52. Go To - Shameless plug #2 or the best app award site on the planet? I'll go with door #2. We've already gone through a stringent nomination process with the help of some of the brightest app geeks in the web, and now we're onto the final votes. Head on over to the site and pick up any app nominated... they are all fantastic.

53. Play Some Lite Versions - I know I told you earlier not to just have lite versions, but it's quite alright to use them as demos... because that is what they are. Just please buy some whole apps. The whole experience is so much better once you actually have access to the app as it was intended.

54. Use iTunes as a Resource - Check out the App Store in iTunes. I know it seems like a ton of work to look on your computer, but some of the info on the page is invaluable. Be sure to take a close look at all the apps on the home page.

55. Scan The Charts - On the right side of the App Store there are three lists, one of the top paid apps, one of the top free apps, and one of the top grossing apps. Generally anything on these lists will be fairly decent (everyone has to want these apps for something right?).

56. Don't Be Fooled By Nudie Apps - All too often I see apps in the top 10 lists that have to do with naked, or semi-naked girls. While I don't download them myself, I do know that Apple doesn't allow nudity in the App Store. You're literally just buying pictures of girls in bikinis. Just know this.

57. Don't Get Suckered Into The Big App Ad - At the very top of the App Store, front and center, is a big scrolling app ad space. It'll show a bunch of apps and a few lists done by Apple. While I like the idea of this, I don't want you to get suckered into bad apps. I don't know how the apps are selected to be up there, but the second I saw a Britney Spears app up there I knew something was up. Be weary of this space.

58. iTunes Reviews - If you click on an app, there is an area that shows user app ratings. Don't be fooled by these rankings. If you see something with 20 reviews and an average of 5 stars, the app is going to be good. Same goes for a ton of 1 star reviews. Some apps though will have 50 five star reviews and 25 one star reviews. Much like anything else in life, people really only care about things if they love it or hate it, so take these rankings with a grain of salt. Sites like 148apps exists for this very reason.

59. Check Lists On Your iDevice - If you go into the App Store app, you can view the same top of the App Store Charts.

[caption id="attachment_24344" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Way too expensive at $9.99."]

[/caption]60. Prices Are Cheap... Don't Complain - Don't be one of those people who only buys 99 cent apps. I know that times are tough, but with the sheer amount of competition out there, it's tough for developers to make money without charging something like (gasp!) $2. Support the devs, the little App Store ecosystem depends on it.

61. Don't Always Assume That Expensive Is Good - I know I just told you to spend some money, but I'd rather you not do it in a wasteful manner. I hate to pick on a particular dev, mostly one that makes some fantastic apps, but some of the release prices for EA apps are ridiculous. NBA Live on the iPhone was never worth $9.99.

62. Change You Mindset About What Is Possible - Just about anything on your iDevice is possible, you just need the right app. If, and when, you absolutely can't do something after exhausting all of your options, just complain until an app comes out that does what you want.

63. Complain To The Right People - Once you are ready to start complaining, please don't complain to the poor Apple employees. None of them can make the app you want. Not even the Geniuses. My advice would be to complain to a close friend. Maybe they'll make the app you want.

64. Troubleshoot With The Source- If an app is broken, nobody can fix it but the developer. Not me, not a Genius at the Apple Store, and probably not your mom. Just send an e-mail to the developer. They'll get back to you if they really care about their product.

While we're on the troubleshooting topic, you should know what to do if (when) your iDevice breaks.

65. If It Just Stops Working Randomly - If you just wake up one morning and your iDevice just stops working, here's what you do. Hold the top button and the home button until everything resets. If that doesn't work, make a Genius Bar reservation.

[caption id="attachment_24346" align="alignright" width="300" caption="They aren\'t all this long."]

[/caption]66. Make A Genius Bar Reservation - If you have to make an appointment, just go to Don't be scared of the Geniuses... unless you've done something stupid.

67. You Broke Your Screen - Well now you've done it. Option 1 here would be to go to the Apple Store to get the screen replaced. Since you broke the screen, it is not covered by the warranty. It's an expensive part too, so be warned. You could also go to one of those cheap mall stores to get it fixed, but to have anyone but Apple do it permanently voids the iDevice warranty.

68. You Dropped It In Water - Just cry. No, just kidding... sort of. The best thing to do here is to put the iDevice directly into a bag of rice. Rice absorbs moisture faster than anything else I can think of, so you may have a chance. Whatever you do, don't try to turn the thing on for at least 12 hours. Shorting circuits is never fun. Just so you know, water damage isn't covered under the warranty either.

Next I'll talk about some of the apps that will make you seem like an instant app veteran. It'll be painless, I promise.

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