For better or worse, one of the most popular photography trends is taking photographs of well-prepared food for social media. A trend that is now available in game form thanks to Food Stylist. Whilst there have been games before based around this general theme, Food Stylist stands well apart thanks to its spectacular photorealistic graphics.

The aim of the game is to decorate the presented food to an instagrammable level. Every day players will be presented with a new challenge to complete, ranging from creating the best ice cream stack in Venice to styling a romantic picnic for two, and a whole host besides. It is all the joy of food photography without having to worry it'll go cold or melt.

Whilst this could've just been left as a relaxing game for budding designer perfectionists, developers Zeste and Not Doppler has gone one step further and truly embraced the social media trend. After plating up the dish, decorating the table and applying whatever filters desired, the picture can then be uploaded for real community voting with the chance to win in-game prizes.

The biggest draw to Food Stylist is the graphics, and Not Doppler went to some impressive lengths to achieve the look. The utilised technologies such as photogrammetry to 3D-scan and model over 5000 food items and props, and continue to scan additional good items to expand the options available in-game.

When discussing the game, Not Dopplers founder and CEO, John Daskalopoulous, said "Most food games on mobile feature 2D cartoon graphics and are in the Match-3 or Diner Management genres. Food Stylist is a decoration game at its core and features a fresh 3D photorealistic style. Food Stylist let's players unleash their creativity in a way that no other food game on the market does."

Food Stylist is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play.

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