XD Entertainment has revealed the launch of Season 2 for their hit team-based shooter T3 Arena. Entitled Lights On, Season 2 brings a new character, multiple new maps and tweaks to some older mechanics.

After launching on May 26th, T3 Arena has already blasted past the one million download mark and peaked at number 1 on the App Store's Top Downloads list, some impressive stats for a new IP in a market where you can’t turn left without bumping elbows with a shooter. XD has carved out a nice little player base for itself and is pumping out regular updates, with the latest being Lights On, Season 2 of T3 Arena.

The most notable addition in this season is the release of the latest character, a speedster called Yaa. With a background as an expert in track and field, Yaas’ primary attribute is her blistering speed. Wielding a gale pistol, she can swiftly attack enemies with wind-based ammo. Yaa can dash at her opponents and assault them with wind blasts using Windswift and gain a shield whilst doing so with Stormward, or she can forgo the subtlety of speed and turn into a massive tornado instead with her ultimate, Breezeblast.

T3 has introduced four massive new maps, the most complex to date, each with a focus on different game modes. The Temple Ruins are for Crystal Assault, and Chinatown is host to the Payload Race. With each being tailored for their mode, this allows the devs to focus on little touches that can add specific rather than general strategies, such as Temple Ruins featuring glass platforms to spot enemies advancing to the ally crystals.

XD has added a few quality of life improvements for some of its game modes or its revamped mechanisms. For example, Payload Escort matches now span across two rounds per game, allowing players to enjoy both sides. The developers have also teased the introduction of a new competitive ranked mode in a future update.

T3 Arena is available to download for free on the App Store or TapTap.

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