Barcelona-based developer Last Chicken Games are set to bring their game Willy Jetman: Astromonkey's Revenge to both iOS and Android on 9th July. The Metroidvania is already available on the likes of PS4, Switch and PC but now mobile folk will be able to carry the game around in their pocket.

The developers say that the mobile port of the game will feature an intuitive control system alongside all of the content that's currently available on the console and PC versions. That means you'll be embarking on the same adventure to save the planet Gravos.

You'll play as Willy Jetman, a space sweeper, who becomes an unlikely hero after he was initially sent out on a mission to retrieve an AC-137 cargo ship wreckage but becomes involved in saving the planet. He'll have to battle his way through the Gravos' various cave systems, fighting a plethora of bosses and angry plants.

It's not a wholly serious game though, as you might have guessed simply from its title. You'll talk to the locals throughout your journey and there's plenty of comedic moments to discover. Outside of a slightly silly story though there'll be some old school Metroidvania fun to be had.

There will be a plethora of different weapons available to Willy including a flamethrower, machine gun, ray gun and grenades. You'll also want to be on the hunt for 20 statuettes that are hidden throughout the game as taking these to a certain store will unlock special upgrades.

Willy Jetman will be available on the App Store and Google Play on 9th July.

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