If you are anything like me then the name “Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition” is enough to command your undivided attention, they are ultimate cats in combat what more do you need? Coolabi Group have announced a big update coming to their game, as well as some very encouraging statistics.

If you haven’t stumbled across this gem, Warrior Cats is a 3D role-play game that makes it home on the Roblox Platform. You get to fully customise your feline friend and choose which clan to join, such as the graceful River Clan or the speedy Wind Clan, pick a path such as the Warrior or Medicine Cat, then strike out into the Forest Territory.

There is a surprising amount of depth to this game, and it is getting bigger thanks to the biggest update since its launch. Players can now fully give in to their cat-like instincts to locate and hunt down prey such as mice, birds and fish. There will be added areas picked from book series that inspired the game, as well as an easier way to travel between notable areas of the Forest.

Two years have passed since Warrior Cats launched, and in that time there have been 300 million game visits, and it has been favourited over 975k, making it one of Roblox top 100 in terms of gameplay time and retention. Out of 30K who participated in Colabis Warrior Cats research, 39% said they play at least once a week. That is a lot of numbers to say it has been a big hit.

When reflecting on two years of life, Coolabis’ Director of Digital, Naomi DAre, said:“It has been extremely rewarding to read such positive feedback from the game’s players who have commented that in lockdown it was an outlet to escape the stresses of life and make new friends, plus introduced millions of young people to the Warriors books for the first time.

“We are very excited to be working on future developments already but can’t wait to see the reaction to this new prey update which has been so highly anticipated by the community!”

To play Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition, download Roblox from the App Store or Google Play, then navigate to their Roblox game page.

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