The various storefronts for mobile definitely aren't short on word-based games but that's partly because it can appeal to a broader audience than some games can. VWLS will become the latest to try an attempt to make an addictive game from creating words when it releases for iOS on 18th March.

The idea is pretty straightforward. You'll be given a clue as to what a bunch of different words are related to and will be presented with their vowels missing. From there you'll need to work out what the word is by selecting the missing vowels.

To make things trickier, the consonants you are given will be scrambled up, so you'll also need to work out the correct order to place them in. For instance, the clue might be 'A barn is my home'. If you're then presented with the letters RSH, then the word is 'horse' so you'll have to rearrange those consonants and add correct vowels in.

Occasionally consonants will be grouped together to make everything a touch easier. This means you'll know they're already in the correct order so you can try to work out what the word is based on that knowledge.

You can expect them to get trickier as you tackle the different puzzles that are on offer, with vaguer clues and less help with grouping consonants together. There will be over 100 levels available to play for free when the game launches with a variety of additional packs on offer as in-app purchases.

VWLS will be available on the App Store and you can pre-order it now too ahead of its release on 18th March. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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