Ghofran Akil's Unresolved in an upcoming text-based adventure game that sees you playing as a mother attempting to find her disappeared husband during the Lebanese Civil War.

Jamila lives with her children in a poor Lebanese neighbourhood that has suffered the full impact of the ongoing conflict.

Her husband, Nazih, is one of the 'enforced disappeared'; basically, someone who goes missing during a war. Their families often suffer the severe psychological damage that stems from a lack of closure or even recognition of their loved one's disappearance.

With Jamila now having to care for her children by herself, she'll have to make a number of challenging decisions.

Interestingly, the game eventually jumps forward in time to allow you to experience the world from the perspective of one of Jamila's children. Their personality and outlook will be dependant on the decisions you made as Jamila and how you treated them.

Unresolved sounds really quite harrowing, all told, but I'm definitely interested to hear more about it in the coming months. The game's release date is still unclear, but we do know that it's set to launch for mobile devices.

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