September is a bumper month for Undecember fans, as LINE Games has unveiled a huge range of updates all around. Act 13 has opened up for players to jump into that story action, Season 2 is bringing a massive amount of additions, including two new game modes, and later on this month you and your friends can work together in Guild Raids.

Head into Act 13 and explore the tourist nation of Hira. As the tale unfolds you will learn the story behind Ilya becoming a Zodiac Master, and gain more understanding of Canna. You can also put your combat to the test as you tackle six new bosses that terrorise the area.

Season two brings with it that most celebrated of gameplay modes; a Hardcore Mode. Upon death gameplay will become limited, so you must analyse every battle before you enter, and always have a plan B. For those on the other end of the scale, you can also enjoy a more casual mode in Origin mode.

You can push that Hardcore mode further with the two new Raid Bosses, Oslhild and Absinthiana. Oslhild is a Cold and Lightning wielder who can use their wings for expert mobility, and Absinthiana uses Poison and Physical damage, whilst firing projectiles from a cauldron, so prepared to dodge a lot.

For you loot goblins out there, you can also take on two new dungeons, the Tier 1 Illusion Garden which holds 30 different chest rewards, or the Tier 10 Golden King’s Treasures, a time trial to see how many points you can rack up. Our final Season 2 update is the Lacrima Gear System, a new set of items you can gain from the Chaos Dungeons to truly power up your characters.

If you enjoy playing with others, you are covered in PvE and PvP. The Crusade of Glory has begun for some 4-on-4 team action, and you can also claim your rewards from your prior season placement. On September 14th, the new Guild Raid content will open, where up to 8 members can take on raid bosses together.

Undecember is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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