There aren't too many games that feature pass and play multiplayer and there are even less where you can only play against people you know, even when playing online. But Two Spies does both of those things and you can get it for iOS right now.

The developers' logic behind this approach is that it's simply a lot more fun to play a game of deception against people you know. There's definitely some merit to that, particularly given the espionage theme of the game, it makes more sense to play against someone you'll actually talk to, rather than a faceless entity over the internet.

So the game itself is set during the Cold War and you and your friend will play as the titular two spies. You'll then take turns to sneak about Europe gaining cover, controlling informants within different cities and capturing areas of the map.

The overall aim will be to discover where your target is hiding or trick them into letting you know. It's then a case of striking them down and winning the round. You can choose to either play first to 5 wins or just play higher stakes sudden death right out of the gate if you're looking for a quicker game.

Although you have no choice but to play against a friend, there are AI bots to play against so you can learn the ropes. However, I imagine this will only be useful for getting used to the rules and mechanics of the game as playing against a robot probably won't have the level of deception you'd be after in a spy game.

Two Spies is available now over on the App Store. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases, with those IAPs being cosmetic-only.

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