Android users look away now lest your eyes melt from envy, as Magic Fuel Games has announced a new, absolutely wonderful mode for the Apple Arcade city-building game Cityscapes: Sim Builder. Since launching in March 2023, this has been the community's biggest requested feature, and it is excellent when developers listen.

It is time to cast off the shackles of restraint, as the new Sandbox Mode gives players free rein to build their dream city without any limits. Is there an existing map you already have plans drawn up for? Load it up and create your utopia. If none of those strike your fancy then fear not, as Sandbox brings with it four brand-new maps for even more creativity.

Whilst playing through a game with realistic limitations is a fun challenge, and personally, that is my preference, being able to go nuts with unlimited resources is no doubt going to lead to some absolutely amazing builds. Especially given the latest CityPass launch that introduces the ancient city of Rome. Fancy turning the Colleseum into a high-rise apartment building? Somebody will find out how.

On the launch of Sandbox Mode, Magic Fuels Game Director Kip Katsarelis said: “Since the launch of Cityscapes: Sim Builder in May 2023, our thriving community of players has expressed a key desire for a feature that strips city-building back to it’s true roots, with no restrictions and infinite resources. Personally, I can’t wait to see the weird and wonderful creations our players conjure up!”

Producers’ Playstack CEO Harvey Elliott added: “Magic Fuel have been doing an excellent job with Cityscapes: Sim Builder, providing players with a city-building experience akin to the genre’s key titles typically found on PC, and bringing this to the Apple ecosystem.

“Magic Fuel’s ongoing dedication to the game has been incredible to see, and with a feature as widely requested by the community as this Sandbox Mode, we can’t wait to see how it’s received by the game’s community.”

Grab yourselves an Apple Arcade subscription and download Cityscapes: Sim Builder now, to develop your urban dream.

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