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Oh look, Thursday is upon us once more. And we all know what that means! You guessed it, it's time for you to vote for which of these five games you think deserves to win our game of the week award. And have we got a selection for y'all this week.

Right now you're probably wondering how to cast your vote. Well, you can either leave a comment at the bottom of this article letting us know which game you want to win, or you can let us know on Twitter or Facebook. If you're opting for the social route though, make sure you include the hashtag #148GOW so we can keep track of all of the entries.

Curious as to what won last week's game of the week award? Well click right here and you'll be able to find out. Right now though, let's check out the shortlist and find out which one you're going to be voting for.

Black Paradox

- download for iOS

A hot and spicy rogue-lite shooter that sees you piloting a car through space. The aim of the game is to shoot everything that moves before it gets a chance to shoot you. But there's way more beef on Black Paradox's bones than first meets the eye.

Why we think you'll like it: This is a game that pushes you hard to see what happens next. Granted what happens next is usually a new weapon, upgrade, or boss, but you're going to be excited to see any of those three popping up. It's tough but fair, old but modern, and you're going to have an absolute blast playing it.


- download for iOS

Some puzzlers like to make their players feel smart. Hexanome comes at things from another angle - it wants you to be confused and, maybe, a little scared. While there are instructions, a good chunk of the game involves working out what you're supposed to be doing yourself.

Why we think you'll like it: There are just too many puzzlers on the App Store that follow the same pattern. Hexanome definitely isn't one of them though. It's intelligent, engaging, and you're going to have to learn a lot just to get to grips with the basics. This is a hardcore puzzler and we're a little bit in love with it.

Tsuki Adventure

- download for iOS

When an adorable rabbit decides that it wants to give up on the rat race and go farm carrots in the countryside, there's really only one thing that you can do - make an adorable idle game about the fluffy bun bun's adventures. Well, there's probably more things you can do, but this is the only one we care about.

Why we think you'll like it: Tsuki is a game that allows you time to breathe. Pop in every now and then and see how your little bunny pal is doing, poke some stuff, then set it down. But the numbers go up, the adventures occur, and you'll be back tomorrow to see how Tsuki is doing. That's a promise.

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders 2

- download for iOS

For some reason the App Store has become one of the last strongholds of the flight simulator. Every year we get a few more added to the already sizable list, but the Sky Gamblers series is probably the daddy of them all, so when a new game comes out, we get excited and run around with our arms outstretched making the closest approximation to plane noises we can manage.

Why we think you'll like it: Well if you love shooters, planes, or multiplayer, there's definitely going to be something for you to sink your teeth into here. Much like its predecessors this is a decidedly meaty game, but it caters to a variety of different play-styles and skill levels, so even if you're a noob you should be able to fly some sorties.

Slydris 2

- download for iOS

The sequel to one of our favorite App Store puzzlers has finally arrived, and we couldn't be happier. It's a lot like Tetris for the touchscreen generation, but it's got more than enough good ideas of its own to comfortably stand on its own two feet.

Why we think you'll like it: There's a lot of head-scratching to get done here, but it's all presented in a neon-hued, arcade way. Things rush by at a pretty frantic pace, so you're going to need to test your reactions and your brain if you want to win. And you will want to win, because Slydris 2 is really good.

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