It's been a rough and tumble battle this week, with all of the games managing to get a few hits in where it counts, but after checking with the independent adjudicators at ringside, we can now reveal that gloriously gross smooching sim SpitKiss has won last week's game of the week award.

It's a game about love, polyamory, and modern relationships. But it's also one of the best platformers we've played on our phones for a very long time. And we think that's the finest reason for it to be crowned last week's game of the week.

You control the game by twanging gobs of spit around the screen. You're trying to get them from the mouth of one character to the mouth of another, because apparently that's how young people kiss nowadays I guess? Imagine Angry Birds getting in a makeout competition with a single-screen leaper and you're about half of the way there.

Yes there's a message here, but it's one that's never rammed down your throat. In fact, if we hadn't mentioned it, there's a chance you'd have missed it altogether. It's there, waiting to be thought about, and if you'd prefer to just fire phlegm around with gay abandon, then you can do that too.

Spitkiss is everything we want from a game of the week winner. It's smart, it's got its own style both in terms of play and look, and it manages to be fun and important at the same time. Quite frankly, what's not to like about that?

If any of that has made you want to play the game, you can click this link right here to grab it from the App Store. And if you want to know what our previous game of the week was, a click here will allow you to discover that.

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