The Witch's Forest is a casual RPG hailing from Toward Inc., a Seoul-based indie developer. It's now received a sizable new update that's said to optimise performance and fix a number of bugs.

If you missed it at launch, The Witch's Forest sees you doing battle with all manner of weird creatures, ranging from floating eye monsters to dragon-like beasts.

You play as a forest witch whose powers have been snatched away from her by an unknown evil. With the forest contaminated and all manner of monsters now creeping in, the task of saving the day and reviving the forest to its former glory falls to you.

You'll do this by gradually collecting spirits to restore magic to the world, crafting and upgrading your equipment, and taking on a series of increasingly challenging enemy monsters.

The combat system aims to be simple and intuitive, offering easy-to-learn controls and a comfortable level of difficulty. It's not out to serve up an epic challenge, but progress should hopefully still feel rewarding thanks to the various unlockable cosmetics, some of which include alternate hairstyles and wings.

If you're on the hunt for a casual RPG to while away the hours, you'll find The Witch's Forest available for download now as a free-to-play title from over on the App Store and Google Play.

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